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 The Superflat® Concrete Institute emerged as an online platform for relevant industry news, Superflat® Concrete publications by owner and CEO, Andy Bowman, news releases, robotics flooring logistics updates, industry trends, project news, featured case studies, and more.

This is the home for all things Superflat® Concrete: your inside scoop on all that is happening within the specialty concrete flooring industry and the superflat flooring landscape, so you can always be in the know and ahead of the game.

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CEO and founder of Superflat® Concrete Precision Concrete Solutions, Andy Bowman, has authored dozens of published articles highlighting the work of Supeflat® Concrete in creating industry specifications and providing cutting-edge solutions for floors requiring a superior flatness and texture level for robotics use. Click here to keep up to date with our most recent articles! 


The concrete industry is ever-changing, and so are the flooring needs of large and small scale operations. Staying ahead of the curve takes effort, as it’s easy to get lost in the myriad of articles and information available. This is where you can read our recommended news, the people, players, and powerhouses that are changing the game in the world of concrete.

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It all started in a small warehouse in small-town, Central Ohio. Decades later, we are being called upon by the country’s largest corporations to solve their concrete concerns and make sure they have the floors they need to maximize their operations. These are the floors of the future.

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Why is a Superflat® floor a worthwhile investment?

Many people consider flooring an afterthought in the construction process. Afterall, a floor is just something you walk on, right? Wrong. It is becoming increasingly common for floor levelness to be tested during routine construction inspections. A floor is literally the base upon which your business is built. A level floor creates efficiencies in both time and money, not to mention a safer workplace environment. Your business deserves a Superflat® foundation.

How does a Superflat® floor make your business more efficient?

A perfectly level concrete floor is not to be underestimated. In defined-traffic facilities such as distribution centers, flat flooring provides a smoother surface for warehouse vehicles like forklifts and scissor lifts. The smoother surface mitigates the potential for vehicle-related setbacks like spills or collisions while allowing for quicker transport, translating to the product getting out the door sooner rather than later.

Additionally, investing in flat floors from the beginning results in less time spent fixing issues down the road. Say you want to install tiling or any other secondary flooring in your facility. A contractor working with an uneven floor will have to spend hours correcting inconsistencies just to get to square one: a level surface. Time is money and these extra contractor hours will result in unnecessary expenses for your business. Let Superflat® start you off on square one.

How do Superflat® floors promote safety in the workplace?

A level floor is a safe floor. In bustling warehouses and distribution centers, an uneven patch of flooring can easily be overlooked. It only takes seconds for an employee to trip and fall or a top-heavy piece of transportation equipment to lose its footing and topple over. Accidents like these happen every day and result not only in expensive repairs and/or loss of product but also potential employee injury. An even floor is not a luxury—it is an essential feature in any facility that values the safety of its employees.

What methods does Superflat® employ to attain perfect flatness?

Superflat® offers various services depending on the project’s degree of development. For projects in the first stages of construction, Superflat™ measures the site and outfits the client with a custom logistics plan to ensure that the construction starts off on a level foot. For projects that have already been built out, Superflat® measures floor flatness and floor levelness (FF/FL) to determine the extent of remediation. Remediation comprises milling and grinding of the substrate until the ideal texture for proper flatness is attained.