Andy Bowman has served his entire career in the concrete industry—from placement and repair, to finishing and polishing and everything in between. He has spent the better part of his professional vocation positioning himself as the authoritative voice within the ever-dynamic and complex concrete flooring industry. He specializes in concrete design mix, placement, curing, finishing, polishing, texture, and sustainability.

An accomplished speaker and presenter, Bowman holds a passion for coaching aspiring professionals within the industry.  He serves as a freelance engineer consultant who has developed products and processes being used throughout the decorative concrete and concrete construction industries. Bowman has been involved in the development of Nano colorants for concrete; ceramic bonded tools for concrete grinding; refining agents for concrete cutting; unique polishing systems; AGM battery-powered ride-on floor scraper, and most recently, the T Meter (the Surface Texture Meter).


Having witnessed first-hand the complex challenges facing the concrete polishing industry, Bowman embraced the change and set out to make that change easier for industry constituents at every level. Having recognized an increasingly growing frustrated industry with lack of oversight and diminishing quality standards from companies who “cut corners” to get ahead, Bowman set out to identify quantifiable measurement standards that could keep the industry accountable and consistent. From architect to engineer to general contractor to end-user, Bowman alleviates change with a four-step system for resolving logistical issues incorporating the measurement, diagnosis, remediation and maintenance of polished concrete floors.

Industry Pioneer

After establishing a committee of sixteen surface metrology experts representing distinguished associations from ASME, ASTM, ACI and CSDA, Bowman’s hard work came to fruition when the Standard ST115 was born (Measuring Concrete Micro Surface Texture). This critical measurement standard now sets the precedence for surface measurement while establishing project-specific objectives for refinement qualities. When used properly, the ST115 enables the contractor to accurately audit his or her polishing process to ensure that the tools being used during the process are being maximized. Bowman’s goal is to educate the industry that polished concrete is a predictable, scientific finish. He consults with companies on an international level helping each to maximize their productivity and profitability with cutting-edge concrete flooring solutions, innovative recommendations for artistic decorative concrete projects, and advanced robotics logistics expertise.