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For decades, the concrete industry has aspired to have access to the secrets behind the Superflat® Concrete brand.

Now, our products—carefully developed and tested in-house and proven successful for over a decade—are being made available to the concrete industry, creating a much-needed solution for contractors nationwide in a ready-to-order fashion.

Superflat® Concrete’s very own concrete expert—Andy Bowman—has worked hand-in-hand with the most reputable PhD chemists in the industry to formulate a state-of-the-art Concrete Enhancement™ system for use in conjunction with all textured floors.  

From laser guided robotics floors to the very narrow aisle (VNA) market, we’ve done all the hard work for you—developing the expert-level concrete products you need to compete on a national level. Now, contractors all over the country have access to the same exact proprietary chemicals that the Superflat® Concrete reputation was built on.


Superflat® Concrete Block™

A superior moisture inhibitor specifically designed to eliminate the potential of vapor drive in concrete slabs. Recommended for use whenever environmental conditions pose a potential risk for moisture migration or high levels of vapor emissions.

Concrete Curing Agent / Vapor Emission Reducer / Eliminates Crazing

Nanotechnology. No VOCs. 

Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet 

Superflat® Concrete Assist™

Superior finishing aid and evaporation reducer for significantly extending the workability time on newly placed concrete projects. Designed to meet floor flatness specifications. Compatible with all design mixes.

Concrete Finisher / Moisture Retardant

Nanotechnology. Non-corrosive. 

Technical Data Sheet | Safety Data Sheet 

Superflat® Concrete Remove

Superior refinement for all textured concrete floor surfaces. Rapidly removes surface irregularities and high spots, quickly cutting through concrete in a single pass. Can be used with ride-on power trowels and planetary grinders.

Designed to meet floor flatness specifications.

Concrete Refiner / Irregularity Removal

Nanotechnology. Non-corrosive.

Technical Data Sheet | Safety Data Sheet 

Superflat® Concrete Retain

Superior texture additive designed for all concrete cleaners for texture retainment. Provides advanced hardening and densification for the maintenance of complex texture projects. For use with all automatic floor scrubbers.

Compatible with all concrete floor cleaners.

Concrete Texture Additive / Retainer / Densifier

Nanotechnology. Non-streaking. Non-film forming.

Technical Data Sheet | Safety Data Sheet 

Superflat® Concrete Protect

Superior strength concrete hardener, sealer and protectant in a ready to use formula with advanced stain protection.

Concrete Hardener / Sealer / Protectant

Nanotechnology. Matte finish.

Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet 

Superflat® Concrete Enhancement™

All Superflat® Concrete Enhancement™ products are available in the following sizes: