We are the #1 concrete surface logistics authority in the industry.

The Superflat® Concrete team occupies a foundation built from comprehensive experience and data driven results, reinforced with an affluence of industry knowledge and time-tested, problem-solving tactics.

We aid our clients in developing and executing performance-based specifications that are tested and proven to ensure their floors are operating at optimal level.

Superflat® Concrete offers proprietary systems for self-performance by offering in-house daily cleaning systems and our own proven concrete floor products. We match our clients with selection and use of the correct equipment for their operation. By equipping them with the right texture specifications and further improving their labor exposure, we establish ourselves as an asset to our clients through value-added recommendations, systems, and reduced labor costs.

Our commitment to you…

We understand that in order for you to solve these issues efficiently and cost-effectively, you need to be in the best possible hands.

That’s why we maintain a commitment to working with the greatest talent in the industry, from architect to engineer to general contractor, making sure that success is imminent at every level of the projects in which we engage.

Our industry relationships have defined our success and reputation. We plan to keep it that way.

We are innovators.

Superflat® Concrete is committed to trailblazing the ever-changing concrete floor industry in revolutionary ways.

Decades of specialty finish industry experience allows the Superflat® Concrete team to differentiate each project. We determine every job’s unique barriers, issues, and concerns before we make any recommendations.

Superflat® Concrete’s expertise safeguards every floor, making sure it meets the exact specifications and perfect flatness for the job at hand.

“We meet and exceed finished concrete floor specifications to ensure efficient robotics or other use logistics, maximizing productivity and profitability for all our clients.”

We value our relationships

ahead of our profits.

Our longstanding industry relationships with design, engineering, robotics and construction firms provide us the partnerships we need to successfully complete a broad range of remediation projects ranging from 2,000 square feet to over 10,000,000 square feet.

We operate with a transparent business model to allow our partners to clearly understand the costs and schedules associated with each phase of our projects.

Our industry knowledge and expertise augments the Superflat® Concrete process so that our team can confidently meet even the most demanding schedules. We are forward-thinking and maintain the foresight necessary for accommodating potential hurdles—all while positioning ourselves to meet even the most specific needs and objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner. We provide the maximum standard of quality on every job, from consulting and testing, to mitigation, remediation and maintenance.

We serve a myriad of industries.








We work for you.

Andy Bowman

Founder & President

Andy Bowman has served his entire career in the concrete industry—from placement and repair, to finishing and polishing and everything in between.

Katie Bowman

Chief Marketing Officer

Katie Bowman is responsible for overseeing Superflat® Concrete operations amid the effective implementation of the Superflat® Concrete brand core values.

Scott Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Brown leads the Superflat® Concrete team as Chief Executive Officer. He has held a multitude of roles in sales, marketing, training, and senior management for over 20 years.

Michael Hennen

Chief Operating Officer

Mike Hennen provides crucial oversight through the design and implementation of strategic business operations. He provides an invaluable voice in decisions impacting development and growth.

Cody Hedquist

Strategic Operations

Cody has directly influenced the current and future growth of the Superflat® Concrete construction division. Admired for his financial performance, goal-oriented approach and consistent leadership, Cody is a dedicated business professional with 12 years of high-level sales experience and 8 years of operations experience.

Peter Belanger

Strategic Partnerships

Peter Belanger has been one of the premier inside sales consultants, trainers and business development experts in the United States. Clients include Universal Studios, Hartford Insurance, Cisco Systems, Volvo, Intel, Cisco Systems, HP, State Farm Insurance and more than 150 other companies that maximize sales performance.

Marty Rack

Strategic Partnerships

Marty has over 35 years of experience serving the construction industry in North America. His background boasts demonstrated expertise in sales, sales management, marketing, and forming strategic relationships.

Mark Hahn Ph.D.

Senior Scientist

Dr. Hahn is a results-oriented, professional Analytical Chemist with extensive, broad-based experience with analytical methods development and materials characterization to solve production problems within an organization.