Large or small
we do it all.

Superflat® offers a wide range of services spanning from the beginning of a project to long-term maintenance to ensure commercial, robotics and mixed-use floors maintain their ideal finish over the long haul. We ensure maximum efficiency, productivity and profitability for all our clients, no matter the intent of use.


Superflat® Design Consulting

Our team works closely with the owner/end-user to assess a project’s specific intent of use and then provide design recommendations accordingly.


Superflat® Site
Assessment & Diagnosis

Superflat® measures the project site and makes recommendations in the form of a custom logistics plan for clients with specific structural and aesthetic concerns.


Superflat® Measurement

FF/FL and floor texture measurement, testing, analysis and recommendations for concrete remediation.


Superflat® Remediation

Milling/grinding of substrate until it reaches proper and passable floor flatness so that it can be used at 100% of intended purpose. We specialize in floor flattening of narrow-aisle logistics centers.


Superflat® Maintenance

Custom Superflat® prescriptive maintenance program designed to maintain the specified finish, including warehouses that use narrow spacing.


Superflat® Validation

Includes site audits conducted on a monthly basis to validate the prescriptive maintenance program or the need to begin one. Superflat® specializes in quantifying abrasion resistance and measuring wheel traffic effects on surface integrity.


Superflat® Contractor Training

A hands-on program with contractors to make sure placement and procedures are in accordance with the owner/end-user’s desired level of finish. We are the translator for the interpretation of finish.


Superflat® Laser Milling /

VNA Grinding

The Superflat® team specializes in Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) concrete grinding using one of our Superflat® Laser Grinders. This process quietly and quickly brings your floor flatness levels up to standard, which reduces your costs and increases your warehouse productivity.


Superflat® Chemical Evaluation & Consulting

Superflat® specializes in world class chemical process evaluation and consulting, helping you distinguish which products are right for your floor. We offer consulting services to diagnose and remediate issues and concerns caused with improper chemical use, as well as offer guidance for choosing the right chemicals for your floor.