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Accurate. Efficient.

On-time. Affordable.

Superflat® Concrete offers high-value, turn key solutions for complex concrete floor texture specification projects. 

No matter your intended use, Superflat® is the only contractor you need to solve your project’s multifaceted concrete surface requirements.


Superflat® VNA Grinding & Complex Laser Milling

Today’s logistical warehouse—operating at high capacity with narrow aisles—requires a floor with near-perfect flatness.

Superflat® Concrete specializes in Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) grinding to perfect your floor surface texture—whatever the intended use.



Superflat® Ff/Fl High Spot Remediation & Texturing

The use of modern advanced machinery, robotics, and complex logistical systems often require transition to a superflat floor measured at a very high degree of flatness (Ff) and levelness (Fl). We are experts at achieving the strictest of superflat floor specifications and do so with state-of-the-art equipment and a time-tested, proven process that far outshines all our competition.

The best part? They can’t match our aggressive pricing.



Superflat® 3D Laser Scanning

Accurate measurements are critical for proper design, production, and quality control.

Superflat® Concrete’s 3D Laser Scanning provides the superior accuracy you need for complex surface flatness analysis.

Utilizing Superflat® for your 3D scanning needs will yield fewer issues during build/remodel, provide precise data for future decision-making, save time, minimize risk, and reduce your liability.



Superflat® Chemical Solutions

Superflat® Concrete has developed proven, state-of-the-art concrete chemical solutions created to address the myriad of complex challenges around 1L Portland cement.

Our consulting team with work directly with your ready-mix provider and placement contractor to solve those complex issues on your next concrete project.



Superflat® Custom Services

For those clients needing additional job-specific services, we provide a custom turn-key package that addresses those specific needs, such as concrete floor cleaning and preparation (before, during, and after remediation), concrete repair and joint filling, as well as slip resistance and texture grinding.

These add-on services are designed specifically for your needs.