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Concrete Measurement: Why the Numbers Matter

written by Andy Bowman

Measurement is, in all aspects, a language that extends across all others—used to convey quantity, size, speed and time.

The science of measurement is called “metrology”, a fundamental component comprising all that we’ve been, where we are today, and all that subsists going forward.

A New Standard for Polished Concrete

written by Andy Bowman

The concrete industry has worked hard to provide clear language regarding the quality of a polished concrete surface that goes beyond its ability to record scattered light with a gloss meter.

What is ST115 and what does it mean to the Concrete Industry?

written by Superflat® Concrete

Surface finishing is a multidisciplinary activity intended to tailor the properties of the surfaces so that their function and serviceability can be improved. Since polished concrete was born, it was important to have a quantifiable standard for the level of finish that was being produced.

Concrete Floors: Does ‘sealed’ mean the same thing as ‘polished’?

written by Andy Bowman

The continued rise in popularity of polished concrete floors, combined with a spate of new ‘polishing’ products on the market, has created a perfect storm for construction specifiers.