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60+ Year Old Warehouse Floor Gets New Life

In preparation for robotic equipment installation, a 60+ year old warehouse floor in Camarillo, CA receives a facelift during this custom remediation project provided by Superflat® Concrete.

  • Client: Meissner Filtration Products
  • Location: Camarillo, California
  • Timeline: September-October 2021

Project Objective

Superflat® Concrete went to work on this unique 7,200 square foot project with a few goals in mind: to reduce maintenance costs in keeping up with such a dated floor; to improve robotic efficiency and thereby productivity; to increase warehouse capacity; and to provide a safer operational setting for employees.

    Project Challenges

    When Meissner Filtration Products reached out to Superflat® Concrete for help with their Camarillo warehouse location, they had several challenging issues at bay. Their existing pallet racking system needed to be replaced with high-density robotic material storage, however, any robotic equipment would be unable to operate efficiently and safely due to the significantly out of tolerance levelness of the concrete flooring. Slab replacement alone would carry excessive costs that Meissner wanted to avoid altogether. High spots were measuring in excess of 1-2 inches throughout the slab, and initial 3D scanning revealed flooring measures of Ff20 and Fl15. Making this project even more complex was the matter of the floors themselves—60+ years old with significant granite content.

    Superflat® Concrete began by gathering an in-sight assessment of the exact issues at hand, followed by staging of equipment, personnel and ancillary supplies on site to ensure the smoothest possible delivered results. We then utilized 3D scanning data to analyze the space for project planning, making sure there would be no surprises. Using our own precision laser guided equipment, Superflat® remediated all high spots in a timely and accurate manner. Power trowels were used to achieve the desired surface texture to allow for optimum robotics operations going forward, thereby enabling Meissner to continue use of an old space for present operations—saving them time and money. Subsequent project scanning confirmed new required floor measurements of Ff75 and Fl75 were successfully met.

    Project Outcome

    • The warehouse flooring was remediated to achieve the specified FF75 & FL75 measurement, resulting in tolerance of < 0.5 millimeters.
    • Superflat® completed the project on time and within Meissner’s budget.
    • Our remediation efforts allowed for the successful installation of robotic equipment, providing an increase in the percentage of storage capacity and enabling Meissner to take operations to the next level.
    • Implementation of the new automation system resulted in a labor spend reduction and eliminated costs that otherwise would have accumulated as a result of a hefty move.
    • Remediation efforts successfully alleviated the need for a costly stab replacement and enabled Meissner to keep production moving with the least interruption.